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Importance of Tracking Your Job Search

When you start a new job search, it is important to keep track of the jobs you are applying for. It may add an extra step to the process, but it will help you understand what is and isn’t working.

Here are few reasons to track your job search:
Easier Access to Information

Have you ever applied to a job and three weeks later received a call and struggled to remember what it was for? Tracking your job search can help you gather your information quickly and know exactly who, what, and why the individual is calling.

Understand your Progress

A detailed job search is a great way to set goals and understand what is and isn’t working. You can look back and see how many jobs and for what positions you have applied for; in addition to where you were successful and where you may need some improvements.

Organize your Contacts

Keep an accurate list from your ideal employer. This way you have a list of potential contacts to follow-up with. Save these contacts for your future reference. You may not end up working with these people now, but you never know if you may contact them in the future.

Save Everything

Keep a record of your job posting, your application, resume and cover letter. You wouldn’t want to receive a call a month after applying to a job and not know what you sent or the details to the position — this information will help better prepare for your interview too.

Get Started Now!

The best way to keep track is to use a job tracker like Stipplo. It’s an all-in-one platform tool that helps keep you organized and on top of things at every step of your search, from preparing your applications to preparing for your interviews, and everything in between.


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