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Import Spreadsheets/CSV files to Stipplo

If you already started tracking job applications with a spreadsheet, you can now easily import them to Stipplo with just a few steps!

How it works:

When creating a new job board, you will see in small text “Already tracking jobs with a spreadsheet? Import it.” Click on “Import it” to start the process.

Start importing
Click “Import it” to start the transfer

You can click or drag any CSV files to the upload box to continue the process.

Click or drag file to upload (only .CSV files)
Click or drag file to upload (only .CSV files)

Now match each column to the fields we have on Stipplo. *Properties colored in red are required to match in order to continue the process*

Stipplo’s fields explanation:
  • Company: Company Name

  • Date Applied: Date you applied to the job

  • Description: Job description of the job

  • Job Position: Position you applied for

  • Job Post Link: URL of where you find the job posting

  • List Name: Status of your job applications. Ex. Applied, Interviewed, Offered, etc.

  • Notes: Any information you need to keep track of

  • Salary: Listed salary or range of the salary for the position

Matching each column to Stipplo
Matching each column to Stipplo

When there’s a green check mark next to all the column name, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

All column must have green checkmarks next to the name
All column must have green checkmarks next to the name

After matching all the columns, you can set a name for your imported board.

Setting job board name
Setting job board name

Just like that, all information from your job tracking spreadsheet is imported to Stipplo!

Sign up here if you’re new, or log in here if you already have an account to start tracking!

If you encounter any issue or problem, feel free to contact us at


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