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Goals & Assigned Tasks

One of the most important parts as an organization or career coach is to keep job seekers on track and motivated. With our new goals feature, you can now easily assign goals for the whole cohort or individual tasks to specific job seekers to keep them accountable for their job search process.

Different type of goals

There are two different goals you can create and these goals would be for everyone in the current cohort. There’s one-time goals and recurring goals.

One-Time Goals:

One-time goals are set for job seekers to only complete once within the scheduled time. Examples would be:

  • Attend 1 career fair

  • Use the STAR method for an interview question

  • Update your resume with a career coach

Recurring Goals:

Recurring goals are set for job seekers to complete on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for the scheduled time. Examples would be:

  • Check in meetings with career coach weekly

  • Practice mock interviews weekly

  • Apply to 1 job daily

How to create new goals

  1. Go to "Goals" tab on the left menu

  2. Click "Add New" and from there you can choose one-time or recurring goal

  3. Enter your goal details:

    1. Name: A goal name that will show for your job seekers

    2. Description: Details of how to accomplish the goal

    3. Start date: You can schedule a goal to start in a later date. You can leave this empty if you want the goal to start right away

    4. End date: Set a date for when you want this goal to finish. If you leave this empty, the goal

    5. Frequency (Only for recurring goals): Choose how often you want the goal to reset and become completable again

  4. Goals cannot be edited, please delete and remake a goal for any changes

Adding New Goal

View Progress

You can view each job seeker's progress by going to their profile and you will see "Goals" and "Tasks" on the left side of the profile or to have a more detailed view, you can click on "Cohort Goals" tab on the top.

View Job Seeker's Goals Progress

Assign tasks directly to a job seeker

With our individual task feature, you have the option to assign a task directly to a certain job seeker to complete. These tasks do not have a start or end date. It will only show if they completed the tasks or not. Examples would be:

  • Apply to a certain job listing

  • Contact a recruiter

  • Finalize resume with career coach

To create an individual task:
  1. Go to the “Members” tab on the left menu

  2. Select the individual you want to assign direct tasks to

  3. Click on “Tasks” tab

  4. Click “Add New”

  5. Enter your task details - this is where you can name your task and put details on how to complete the task in description box.

  6. Tasks cannot be edited, please delete and remake a task for any changes

To view current or completed task, you can click on the "Current" / "Completed" tab on the top right.

Adding New Tasks Directly To Job Seeker

How do job seekers complete their goals or tasks

Job seekers will have all the goals and tasks in one view. They can log their progress by clicking on the goals and tasks and mark as completed. If they marked a goal or task completed by accident, they can go to "Past" tab and mark them as in complete. Goals that are past due will not be editable.

Job Seeker Completing Their Goals

Feel free to contact for any questions!


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