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Custom Notifications

With the notification feature, you can now create different custom notifications for different use cases to help job seekers during their job search. Some of these cases may consists of:

  • Reminder to practice for interviews

  • Follow up with job apps after applying

  • Send a thank you email after an interview

  • Status update of each job app

To start, you will have to go to Board Templates > Select your board under “Board Template” > Click “Add Notification Workflow”.

Add Notifications Workflow
Add Notifications Workflow
Under the dropdown, you can select:
  • “Admin Notifications Workflow” — if you want to create a notification that will send to the admin platform.

  • “Member Notifications Workflow” — if you want to create a notification that will be sent to the member’s/student’s platform.

Use Case 1: Reminder to follow up (Member Notifications Workflow)

If you want to create a reminder for members to follow up with the job app they’ve applied to, create a notification under “Member Notifications Workflow.” You will have to fill in the following inputs:

  • Name: This will be the name of the workflow and for your reference only.

  • Delay (days): Put down how many days delay until this notification will be sent to the student. Let’s say if you want to remind them after 2 days of no update on the job apps in the column, you can put down 2.

  • The Message: Job seekers will receive this message as their notification. The “Add Field” button that allows you to autofill the field you selected.

As for the message, you can write “Please follow up with {{company}} {{columnName}} and this will trigger for all the job apps added on this column after the delayed days. You would want to do this for Admin notifications too, so Admin will receive notification to follow up with job seekers.

Member Notifications Workflow (Reminders)
Member Notifications Workflow (Reminders)

Fields Explanation:

username — Name of students/members

company — Company name of the job applications

jobTitle — Job position the students/members applied for

columnName — The column name/ job status

Use Case 1: Reminder to follow up (Admin Notifications Workflow)

You can do the same for admin so the career coaches/admin can get the notification to remind students as well.

Put down any name you want for this workflow, the delay days would be the same as for members and then the message you want to send to the career coaches/admin. We can say, “Remind {{username}} to follow up with {{company}} in {{columnName}}.

Admin Notifications Workflow (Reminders)
Admin Notifications Workflow (Reminders)

Under each column, you can see the different notification workflows that are created for that column. This will apply to all the job applications that are located in that column and each notification workflow will be triggered by the delay you set.

Column with different notification workflows
Column with different notification workflows
Use Case 2: Status Update (Admin Notifications Workflow)

A different scenario is that career coaches/admin would want to get an update on the job status student’s applications. We can create admin notification with the following configurations:

  • Name: Status update

  • Delay: 0 since this will be instantly triggered for any job applications that are moved into this column

  • The Message: Message could be {{username}} has updated {{company}} to {{column name}}

With the configurations above, admin will get notifications for all job apps that are moved into this column.

Admin Notifications Workflow (Status Update)
Admin Notifications Workflow (Status Update)
Viewing the notifications

Click on the bell icon to access new updates on job seekers. Then click on the update which will lead you to the student’s board for you to view detailed notifications by clicking “Notification” on the top right.

Update page
Update page

You can either mark the notification as read by clicking the “Mark all as read” or the circle icon next to each notifications.

Mark as read/unread
Mark as read/unread

Feel free to contact for any questions!


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