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Job searching is stressful.

It takes up so much time that job searching is often described as a full-time job itself - and it’s no wonder. You have to find contacts, positions to apply to, research companies, prepare for interviews, keep track of correspondences, and etc. Multiply this workload for every application that’s sent out, and the disorganization and stress is clear.

We help centralize and simplify your journey.

Stipplo is a powerful and intuitive job search platform built to evolve the way job seekers navigate their job searches. We’re here to empower and ensure job seekers can have a stress-free seamless experience during their job searches. By allowing you to centrally acquire and manage your information throughout your careers, you can make the best career decisions possible without the stress or the hassle.

Stipplo is the canvas for your career journey that's made up of many pieces that we organize for you to give you the full picture, just like the drawing technique of stippling. This is where our name, "Stipplo", comes from.

Job Searches Reimagined

Our mission is to centralize and simplify your career growth.
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